Monday, April 30, 2007

Random London Moments

With all the things to do in London, there are lots of random moments. Luckily in this day & age our cell phones (or as they say here mobiles) have cameras in them. Unfortunately, mine doesn't take the best pictures, but none the less it still does capture the moment.

Chinese New Year around Trafalgar Square.

Gez & Susie in the Absolut Ice Bar. Yes the entire bar is made of ice and is minus 5 degrees. The best vodka drinks I have ever had...our glasses were made of blocks of ice! Perhaps Saskatchewan should have one of these in the winter!

This scares me a bit...still working on convincing Casey to get his haircut here.

The Prime Meridian Meter (left) and a sit in Grenwich park overlooking Canary Wharf after.

Nicola & Shari enjoying a drink along the river as we try to catch a glimpse of the Cambridge vs. Oxford Rowing competition (right).