Saturday, April 7, 2007

We may speak the same language, but...

that doesn't mean we can understand eachother. I mean really some of the words these people use, combined with the accent and the quick pace of talk and you would think they are speaking a different language! Really I think Canadians are very good at pronouncing their words where as the English just seem to ram them all together.

Here are some of the words I've learned

boot = trunk
wellies = boots
flapjacks = sweet cookies / squares (it certainly doesn't mean pancakes)
cakes = anything from donuts to candies, its all cakes to the English
English muffins = English muffins (you would think they'd just call them muffins)
muff diver = a very dirty drink that I don't want to explain

fanny = another word I don't want to explain, but whatever you do, never use the word fanny when in England, but if you are brave enough, say Fannypack. It will get roars of laughter, especially if you're in the pub. The word Jackass will also spur hysterical bouts of laughter, but it isn't a dirty word, they just think its funny because nobody uses that word in England except for apparently Canadians.
bollocks = damn, unless you say something is bollocks, then it means something else.
winger = whiner
thongs = underwear, otherwise you should use the word flip flops.

And for all you accountants out there.... STRGL (struggle) = Statement of Comprehensive Income.

Stay tuned for more language lessons.